Indoor Tanning Salon Equipment

At Sun Splash Tans we use top quality, state of the art indoor tanning salon equipment to make sure your indoor tanning session leaves you with the best possible tan. When considering a bed in which to tan, a general rule is that the more watts, the faster and richer the tan, which often means it lasts longer. For example, with the level 1 bed, you might find in order to keep a deep dark tan you need to tan two or three times a week. With the level 5 bed, however, you might find you only need to tan once a week or less since the tan you get each time is darker and much deeper.

Sun Splash’s tanning beds are grouped into five intensity levels. The higher the level, the faster and more comfortable the experience with longer-lasting tanning results. However, your sunburn potential does not vary much from machine to machine meaning you should select a tanning bed that fits you tanning needs, budget, and personal preference.


Level 5

Unmatched Power.
From: $39 / day

Level 5

First Class.
From: $39 / day

Level 4

Great Comfort.
From: $25 / day

Level 5 Stand-Up

  • Long-lasting tan
  • Lots of immediate color
  • One of the most powerful machines on the market today
  • Unsurpassed tanning w/o increasing chance of sunburn

Level 5 Bed

  • First-class comfort
  • AAA comfort: aquaCool, aroma, airConditioned
  • CPI = equal output for life of lamp
  • 52 total lamps

Level 4 Bed

  • 12-Minute Sessions
  • CPI=equal output for life of lamp
  • AAA comfort: aquaCool, aroma, air-conditioning
  • 46 total lamps

Level 3

Fast. Great Results.
From: $20 / day

Level 2

No frills. Just tan.
From: $15 / day

Level 1

Simple. Effective.
From: $10 / day

The Level 3 stand-up is fast (10 minutes) and does a great job of giving you a longer-lasting tan. Great for those that want to get in and out quickly.

Level 2 isn’t as powerful as levels 3-5 machines, but it still does a great job of getting you tan.

Level 1 beds are compact, effective, and great if you are on a tight budget. Expect to come a bit more frequently to maintain your tan if you decide in a level 1 bed, but the results are still great.